John Kohnke

Senior- Marketing

Phone: 281-536-0743





The president is the leader of the chapter; as such, he shall preside over all meetings of the chapter and shall enforce the laws and rules of the Fraternity. He shall have intimate knowledge of the Ritual, Constitution and Bylaws of the Fraternity, and should strive to impart such knowledge to his chapter. As the chief officer of the chapter, he provides leadership, motivation and inspiration to the membership. The office of president places you in a position to guide the attitude and future of the chapter. The president is held responsible for every collegiate activity or event associated with the Phi Kappa Psi name. It is very important that the president openly communicates a vision and works with chapter constituents (chapter members, other fraternities, sororities, university officials and Headquarters) to ensure that the chapter is on the road to success. 

Vice President:

Andrew Sanchez-Lampson

Senior- Kinesiology

Phone: 832-339-7826


The Vice President serves as the chief operating officer of the chapter. He is responsible for leading the chapter's internal affairs and making sure that all of the committees are accomplishing the tasks delegated out to them. The Vice President is also the Chairman of the Governing Committee, which creates policies for the chapter, delegates work to other committees, and looks over the Chapter Bylaws and Code of Conduct. 

Corresponding Secretary:

Caleb Gendron


Phone: 281-919-7949


As Corresponding Secretary, I am the primary liaison between the chapter, university, and the national headquarters. I am also tasked with updating the chapter's information on all of the systems the chapter uses. I also serve on the chapter's executive staff. 


Jerald Mundackal


Phone: 713-835-8461


As Historian, it is my purpose to document and capture the events and any other activities Phi Kappa Psi is involved with throughout the academic year. Adhering to the schedule of events each year in order to produce an official keeping of photos for the chapter in various forms via social media and other official composites. 

Seargant at Arms:

As the Sargent at Arms, I protect the secrets of the Fraternity and safeguard all meetings. I play an important role by keeping meetings on pace and everyone in line and keeping our meeting private for only members of Phi Kappa Psi.


Cade Hill

Senior- Business Finance 

Phone: 972-832-2277


As a fraternity the development of skills like responsibility, leadership and teamwork is vital to its existence. The treasurer uses these skills to aide in the improvement of the chapter. He is responsible to collect all dues from brothers and deposit them safely. As a leader he expresses his ideas as to where these funds will be used if either to promote social, philanthropic, or scholarly goals. And as part of a chapter he helps in the decision making that takes place to further its strength.

Recording Secretary:

Davin Sanchez


Phone: 713-517-8719


As Recording Secretary I am committed to keeping all chapter records in an orderly manor and make them easily accessible to all Active Brothers and Alumnus. I provide the chapter with descriptive reports and keep everyone up to date with Fraternity information.


Cade Bennett




As the messenger of the Texas Zeta chapter of Phi Kappa Psi, I am responsible for communication between the brothers. Communication is crucial to the existence and continued life of the fraternity. I am responsible for informing all Phi Psi brothers (in-house and out of house) of all events and activities that are planned. It is the my duty to make sure the meeting place is prepared properly for all meetings and is adequately cleaned afterwards. During chapter voting, I am responsible for collecting all ballots and delivering the secured ballots to the President. The position of Messenger is vital to the success of communicating and organizing the brotherhood of the Texas Zeta chapter of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity.  


Patrick Mejia-Caniz

Junior- Biology

phone: 832-640-4176


As Chaplain my calling to the brothers of Texas Zeta is to help and guide them to a righteous path noble enough that no man may question their destiny.  To encourage and uplift my brother’s when they call and aide them in times of need.  As Chaplain my duty is to serve my brothers and unto all I meet where ever I go representing the noble name of Phi Kappa Psi .