Committee Chairmen


These are some of the main Committee Chairmen that help run our chapter. Each one of these positions require a good deal of time and effort to complete their individual tasks. Feel free to contact any one of these guys if you need help.


Jerald Mundackal 

As rush chair I help facilitate a year round recruitment effort on behalf of Phi Kappa Psi. I coordinate and organize events for Potential New Members on the campus, as well as creating, maintaining and updating recruitment information.


The Service and Philanthropy Committee devotes itself to truly embodying the motto of our fraternity, "The Great Joy of Serving Others." We organize volunteering events for our brothers, other organizations, and Houston Baptist University as well as hold fund-raising events to donate money to local charities with great causes. 

Service & Philanthropy:

Edward Escareno

Risk Management:

Caleb Gendron

Our job in Risk Management is to make sure that all events hosted by Phi Psi are as safe as possible. This is done by having members attend meetings hosted by professionals such as Houston Police Officers and Firefighters and trying to eliminate all bad situations that could possibly happen. 

Alumni & Public Relations:

Caleb Gendron

In Alumni and Public Relation we strive to make the fraternal bonds strong by keeping in touch with our Brothers after the undergraduate phase. We commit to hosting engaging events every school semester to outreach to them and allow them to experience how our chapter is working, and demonstrating that their work in the Fraternity while undergraduates paid off in the end. 

Fraternity Educator:
Caleb Gendron

As the New Member Educator, I am responsible for the education process for all New Members in the process of joining the Fraternity. I prepare each new member with the knowledge necessary to become an Active Brother in the Chapter. I also conduct and organize classes, retreats, and events that get the New Members involved with the Chapter's activities throughout the New Member Education process.


Davin Sanchez

The Finance Committee oversees the fiscal side within the Fraternity. We are in charge of making decisions concerning the overall yearly Budget of the organization, allocating funds for events, collecting dues and maintaining the overall monetary stability of the Chapter. As Committee Head, I am responsible for the final say of the group in relation to the other Committees as well as managing the internal affairs of the Finance Committee itself.


Cade Hill

As social chair I help coordinate and construct the fraternity's social calendar. I help set up events like Tailgates, Mixers, Date Dashes, and Formals. I work closely with sororities, and other student groups to create fun and exciting events. 


Davin Sanchez

Scholarship committee administers the application and granting process of scholarships sponsored by Phi Kappa Psi Nationals, Houston Baptist University, and a diverse number of organizations. In addition, to maintain a standard academic average among every active brother throughout accountability methods between PhiPsis. Finally, the committee motivates brothers to obtain a good standard by the implementation of study hours binder.