FAQs about Greek Life and Phi Kappa Psi


Will this negatively affect my grades?

  • NO! Phi Kappa Psi values academics above all and has many internal programs that focus on academic excellence, and has a support system for brothers who feel like they are struggling.

What about Hazing?

  • NO! Phi Kappa Psi has a zero tolerance policy on hazing and does not allow that type of action to take place. A brotherhood is something that builds all of its members up at all times.

How much does it cost?

  • Phi Kappa Psi is based on a per semester fee and currently we charge $425 per semester. This goes to funding all of the events, tailgates, mixers, functions put on by our national headquarters, formals, and lots of other things that you will be able to take part in as a brother of Phi Kapps Psi. With payment plans that allow a flexible schedule to pay, Phi Psi is a manageable expense.

What type of time commitment is this?

  • Like all other extracurricular activities Phi Psi does have weekly meetings, philanthropy events, social events and education meetings for new members during New Member Education. Many Phi Psi’s are in 2-3 other organizations and are excellent at time management. Phi Psi teaches all of its new members valuable time management skills so they can easily balance the workload between school and other organizations.


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