A Letter to Parents

Dear Parent,

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for visiting our website. The very fact that you are here shows the fact that you are interested in learning more about Phi Kappa Psi, whether you have a son interested in joining, or one who is already a member.

Joining Phi Kappa Psi has been one of the most amazing decisions in my life. As I was transitioning from the young freshman when I first attended HBU, to the Senior man that I am now, Phi Psi has blessed me with countless oppurtunities to grow into the person I am today. 

You probably have many questions as to what this fraternity can offer your son, and while it is impossible to answer every question I would like to list off the major points Brothers benefit from our Fraternity.

Attending college can be a daunting task for young men, often not knowing too many people. Phi Psi will open a home to your son, and offers an amazing way to build a strong core group of friends that he will have for his college career, and through the rest of his life.

Social Events
The LAST thing we want for anyone is to spend the best years of his life, within his dorm room. Phi Kappa Psi prides itself on the large social calandar we offer to our Brothers. From sorority mixers, to formals, to tailgating at every home game, Phi Psi offers many oppurtunities to socialize with friends and meet people within the HBU community.

We are college students first and to that regard we strive to continually better our grades as a fraternity. Phi Psi offers many assets to your son to better his GPA. We host weekly study sessions, expect all Brothers to meet a required number of study hours, and even take part in our GPA Fantasy League where we compete with other brothers for the highest GPA.

Throughout the academic year our Campus Recreation Department hosts various intramural tournaments for Brothers to participate in. Our Brotherly bonds grow immensely on the different playing fields around campus, as we play other student organizations, teams and even other fraternities.

Many of the Brothers in the chapter have held leadership roles both within Phi Psi and around HBU. Leadership is one of the most sought out qualities in a man leaving college, and within Phi Psi, we want your Brothers to master the art of being a strong leader. Our national fraternity offers many oppurtunities to fly out to different leadership workshops, conventions, and academies throughout the year for Brothers to become better leaders.

Alumni Network
Upon graduating college, one of the biggest tools that Phi Psis have over other college graduates is our vast and ever growing network of alumni. We have well over 200 prominant Phi Kappa Psi alumni just in Houston alone ranging from lawyers, to doctors to engineers.